Frequently Asked Questions

Is this project human translated?

Short answer: Yes! This translation was produced by human translators. We do not make use of MTL.
Long answer: It is true that Tsukihimates was spun out of a different translation group that planned to produce a patch by polishing a machine translated version of the script. However, as of October of 2021, we had gained enough Japanese speaking translators and editors to start over again with proper human translation. All MTL based scripts that had been created were deleted, and the current translation is the work of many thousands of person-hours. Of course, being humans, we are hardly perfect, and translation and typographical errors may occasionally slip past our review process. If you notice any such errors, we ask that you let us know so that we can continue to improve the quality of our translation.

I can't pick the second choice on d3/d7

This is not a bug, this is just part of the game.

Can I change the font?

Can you change the font? Yes. Do we recommend changing the font? No.
The fundamental problem with the font is that the game engine only supports monospaced text out of the box. Even if we were to supply a more 'natural' font with the patch, the engine ignores all font kerning, and the end result would look even worse. The current font is the best of a bad situation - a monospace font that is at least readable. If you wish to see for yourself how the game renders with another font, place a TTF file of your choosing into a folder named ja/ inside of your romfs overlay with a filename beginning with '0'. However, note that the way that we have implemented italics and other font effects inside of the game engine takes advantage of custom glyphs inside the Unicode private use area, and lines that make use of these effects will not render correctly with fonts other than the one shipped with the patch.

Does this translation use existing Nasuverse terminology?

While this translation by and large follows established translations for Nasuverse words, we have made the decision to update the translation of certain terms. An exhaustive breakdown of how we have translated particular terms can be found on our Glossary page.

Known bugs

Crash when selecting 'Load'

There seems to be a bug somewhere in the game itself triggered by opening the Load menu when one of the save entries is on a page with a significant amount of text.
If you encounter this bug, the simplest workaround is to uninstall the patch, open the game up in japanese, load your game, rewind to the previous page, and save over the problematic entry.

Corrupt images in Yuzu

Fixed as of full release
As of Yuzu 1445, an issue exists where the textures in the original patches are not displayed correctly. We are aware of this issue, and it will be fixed in our upcoming final release. We strongly recommend readers wait until then to read the game, as there have been a number of changes and improvements to the translation of the Arcueid route since the last patch release.

Save text rendering incorrectly

On the save screen, the preview of the line on which the game was saved will render text incorrectly. This should not impact any other pieces of the game, and as we work on the text renderer, this will be remedied.

Example of Broken Save Text
Example of Broken Save Text