Glossary of in-universe terminology

In order to keep the game understandable and contextually consistent, standardization of terminology was a necessary procedure. Here at Tsukihimates the one chiefly responsible for this task has been me, Petrikow.

Here I have decided to write down explanations and rationalizations of all the various terminology (and otherwise consistent) translations we employ throughout the game. That said, before I embark upon that task, I feel it is necessary that I explain our general philosophy regarding what terminology translations to employ and what not to.

In general 'clarity' is the primary objective of our chosen terminology. Keep in mind that this a general stance, and not an absolute stance. What I mean by that is that while clarity is generally pursued, it is not the be-all-end-all. Translations rely on all of the given context, of which there is a boatload to consider when you're translating TYPE-MOON works. This clarity is meant to make it easy for most schooled in English to read and understand without feeling it absolutely necessary to consult any external resources. This does not mean we have simplified the lexicon employed in Tsukihime, but rather that translations are interpretative enough that they don't feel like contextless nouns.

In addition, there is the question of what some would perhaps call 'fandom-standard' translations, and whether to abide by them or not. There are certainly cases where this has influenced decision making, but we have also tried to not be too caught up in it for cases that are either unclear or do not fit the context of the story being told. Of course, in many cases, a 'fandom-standard' does not exist at all, or is contested between two or more options.

When speaking of standardized translations, one must now also inevitably mention the Aniplex standard, which is used in F/GO NA and Witch on the Holy Night, two other TYPE-MOON works. To make a long story short, here in Tsukihimates we do not follow their standards much, if at all. For people who have only experienced the world of TYPE-MOON through the official F/GO localization, a lot of terminology can thus come across as new and unfamiliar. Hopefully the glossary can serve to smooth out such worries.

I know that for a lot of fans, some of these changes feel unnecessary or misguided, as is always the case when something familiar is altered. I do wish to communicate that it obviously it is not our intent to make people feel that way. For us, the translation has always held the highest priority. If terminology interferes with making a good translation, it has to be changed. If there is one guiding principle we have above the rest, it would perhaps be that one. That is to say we do not change things out of malice, but out of an intent of improving the translation where we can. Our ultimate priority, to which the terminology consideration is subordinate, is that of making the story of Tsukihime as enjoyable as possible.

The purpose of this glossary is, however, not just to enlighten those used to other standards, but also to provide the average reader with a resource they can come back to after they've played the game, or perhaps even as they're playing the game if they feel so inclined, as to some of the notoriously dense lore of TYPE-MOON's world more tangible.

I hope that as you play the game, you'll be able to concentrate on the text, and not feel the weight of this terminology intrude upon the reading. Nevertheless, once you've put it down, and are thinking about the events that took place within it, you may return to this page and find some additional satisfaction in what you've read. If that is the case, I couldn't be happier.


The glossary contains spoilers for the entirety of the game, and is NOT RECOMMENDED to read before you have completed it.

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