Glossary of in-universe terminology

In order to keep the game understandable and contextually consistent, standardization of terminology was a necessary procedure. Here at Tsukihimates the one chiefly responsible for this task has been me, Petrikow.

Here I have decided to write down explanations and rationalizations of all the various terminology (and otherwise consistent) translations we employ throughout the game. That said, before I embark upon that task, I feel it is necessary that I explain our general philosophy regarding what terminology translations to employ and what not to.

Unlike many recent entries into the TYPE-MOON universe, Tsukihime is fairly stand-alone. Of course, it is not completely unbound from outside context, but it is apparent that it was written with the intention of possibly being someone's first experience with TYPE-MOON's world. So while there is a great deal of terminology inherited from the Mirror Moon translation of the original Tsukihime, we have in most cases decided on the translation based on what felt most understandable for a newcomer fan on a term to term basis.

In addition, there is the question of what some would perhaps call 'fandom-standard' translations, and whether to abide by them or not. There are certainly cases where this has influenced decision making, but we have also tried to not be too caught up in it for cases that are either unclear or do not fit the context of the story being told. Of course, in many cases, the concept of a 'fandom-standard' is simply not there.

This is all to say that perhaps for some older fans, they will find terms that represent things they are used to being translated in an alternative manner. And while I understand that it can be frustrating as such a fan to find translations that differ from work to work with such frequency, I hope you can be understanding when I say that much of what we have done comes from the sole purpose of making the story easier to comprehend for all readers, new or old.

While this current version of the glossary only contains things that show up in Arcueid's route, keep in mind that it still contains spoilers for the game.

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Terminology regarding the supernatural in general

Terminology concerning vampires

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