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Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- may be purchased online from Nintendo or physically through various different resellers.

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Latest patch: 2022.07.16 (1f7e670a)

Size: 1.5GB
MD5Sum: fa0ca67852f3e0f90bdbbdffd1e0ae9d

Release notes

  • This patch contains a full translation for the Arcueid route.
  • Days one through five have been re-edited for flow and more consistent voice.
  • The game engine now supports extended font effects such as italics.
  • If you spot any typos or other issues, please take a minute to report them so that they can be fixed.

Previous Patches

This patch is superceded by the upcoming Half Moon patch. We do not recommend reading this patch at this time.

Size: 1.1GB
MD5Sum: 111dc2e743fca9f591e41c26800a9f66

Release notes

  • Patch format fixed to work directly on switch hardware
  • Screenshots and recording are enabled in-game
  • This patch only contains Arcueid route days 1 through 5. Further patches will be released in due time.

This patch is superceded by the upcoming Half Moon patch. We do not recommend reading this patch at this time.

Size: 1.1GB
MD5Sum: 5b28f44d1fa7e464b6048774ba8a3ad2

Release notes

  • Initial Crescent Moon Release!
  • System UI broadly translated
  • Prologue and Arcueid route days 1-5 fully translated
  • Arcueid opening subtitled by Kaleido-Subs
  • Please note that this patch is not final, and the translation of the first 5 days remains subject to change. If you discover any errors during play, please report them to us so that we can ensure they are fixed.

Installation instructions [Ryujinx] [Yuzu] [Atmosphere]


In case you patched the game yourself using the respective emulator's Mod directory, please remove the romfs folder. It might interfere and override changes in this patch.

Install the patch in Ryujinx emulator

Game patches are installed through the "Manage Title Updates" menu:

Ryujinx installation step 1
Right click the game and open the menu
Ryujinx installation step 2
Click the "Add" button
Ryujinx installation step 3
Find the patch and click the "Add" button
Ryujinx installation step 4
Save the setup and you're good to go!

Install the patch in Yuzu emulator

Game patches are installed through the "Install Files to NAND" menu:

Yuzu installation step 1
Open File -> Install Files to NAND
Yuzu installation step 2
Find the patch and click "Open"
Yuzu installation step 3
And finally click "Install"

Install the patch in Atmosphere


The NSP distributed by Tsukihimates may be installed directly onto a homebrew-capable switch as an update package. However, please note that you install this software on your switch at your own risk. Tsukihimates cannot be held liable for any damage or inconvenience caused by installing unsigned software on a Nintendo product. The end user is responsible for taking any necessary precautions to ensure they do not damage their hardware or receive a ban.

If you are unsure, do not proceed.

To install the patch, you must first have an installed legal copy of the base game, either from the EShop or a physical game cartridge. Once you have done that, copy the NSP patch onto the SD card of your switch using a card reader or homebrew tool capable of USB transfer. Next, using an NSP installer of your choosing, locate the patch and install as you would any other software:

Select Update
Locate the patch .nsp in your installer's file browser
Apply Update
Install the patch. Note that this patch replaces any official patch.
Once the patch has been installed, opening the game should present you with an updated title logo, and the patch version code should be visible in the lower-right corner of the title screen.
Check for Version